Tentative Entry Categories
  • Horseless Carriage pre 1916 - under 35 Hp
  • Horseless Carriage pre 1916 - 35 Hp & above
  • North American Production pre-war
  • American Classics 1915 to 1948
  • European Classics 1915 to 1948
  • European Sports Cars to 1973
  • Corvettes to 1972
  • American Muscle Car to 1973
  • Supercars
  • North American Production 1945 to 1973  
  • Vintage Motorcycles - Japaneses post-war to 1975
  • Concept/Prototype 
  • Volkswagon (air-cooled to 1967, others considered) 
  • Shelby Cobra - sub 4000 series 
  • Preservation (pre-war & post-war to 1973)
  • Boats - Exhibition Only
  • National Association of Automobile Clubs of Canada Hobbyist of the Year Award
  • Class Awards
  • Antique and Classic Boats Award 
  • Chairman's Award
  • Chief Judge's Choice Award
  • Poetry in Motion Award
  • Tom Thomson Timeless Design Award
  • National Association of Automobile Clubs of Canada – Rolling Sculpture Award
  • Margaret Dunning Spirit of Driving Award
  • BruceGreySimcoe Award
  • McLaughlin Legacy Award
  • Ingenuity Award 
  • Most Elegant Pre War
  • Most Elegant Post War
  • People's Choice
  • Outstanding Pre War
  • Outstanding Post War
  • Best of Show 

Judging Process

By John Carlson, Chief Judge, Cobble Beach Concours d'Elegance

Learning how to judge a car is a life long journey. It takes a keen eye and many hours of judging experience to acquire the necessary skills to become a good judge. Diplomacy is also a key ingredient. In judging circles it is often referred to as "field manner." The Cobble Beach Concours d'Elegance values its participants and views them as the most important ingredient on the show field.

The judges at the Cobble Beach Concours will be looking for authenticity and quality workmanship in each area of the vehicle. They will deduct points for the areas that are not authentic. They will also be judging the proper fit and finish of the vehicle components. Each vehicle will be started by the owner or handler and the lights and gauges etc. will be checked for functionality. The judges will use a 100 point deduction system which is divided into categories that include body and paint finish, bright work, engine compartment detail, upholstery, chassis finish, window glass, etc. Each area will be examined for the correct components as well as the proper installation and finish.

The question often asked, "Can a judge know everything about a particular Marque?" The answer is yes if that Marque has been their particular interest and passion. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible for the judges to know everything about many Marques; however, they certainly know what is appropriate for various time frames. As an example, they know that electric cooling fans were not used in early 'Antique' cars. They know that electrician's tape and plastic zap straps were not used. They know that certain nuts and bolts and other fasteners were used in very specific time frames. Judges know what is incorrect for specific manufacturing eras.

The selection of the winners in each class is determined by how accurate and well presented each vehicle is. When the judging process has been concluded, each judge will have a discretionary additional five points to add to their final score. These points may be added to the vehicles final score based on the judge's interpretation of Elegance or the Presence of the vehicle.

The class winners will be determined by the average of the overall scores and will be awarded first, second and third places. Only class winners will be eligible for the Best of Show Award. As a participant you will become part of history by being one of the first to participate at the Cobble Beach Concours. The overall theme for this show is to have fun and enjoy some of the finest cars and scenery North America has to offer.

Details of this event may change from time to time. Please check back regularly for updated information.
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